VAMAC Family Reunions

The term fellowship refers to the companionship of individuals sharing similar interests, ideals, or experiences in a congenial atmosphere, on equal terms.

As the business world changes and more consumers use online transactions, the value of strong relationships have lost its sense of importance within businesses.

• The relationships between manufacturersDSC_0006

• The relationships between associates

• The relationships between businesses and customers

VAMAC is re-establishing the time of fellowship with our Business Family through our Family Reunions, bringing together our manufacturers, associates, and most importantly, our customers.

Throughout each year, we will hold several of these events at our VAMAC Locations across the state. These events allow everyone to come together, rebuilding old ties, learning about new products, “breaking bread” with each other, and allowing customers to take advantage of special buying opportunities.

Just because times are changing, no business should neglect the people that matter the most, the customers. VAMAC continues to push for giving our customers the best value. Come be a part of the VAMAC Family, and look out for an event near you!