The Mac Pack Story

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Why The "Penguin" Story

Over 90% of businesses today have mascots to help represent and promote their companies. Mascots are used to increase a company’s visibility in the surrounding community, add entertainment to a customer’s experience, and to distinguish businesses from each other.

owl-horse VAMAC, Inc. began using mascots in advertising as early as the 1950’s. VAMAC introduced the great horned owl as the first company mascot. Then in the 1990’s, we introduced the stallion in association with our company’s logo. However, we realized both the owl and stallion did not accurately represent our family culture

In 2005, VAMAC stumbled upon the perfect mascot candidate that would best represent our company as a family-oriented business; the Emperor Penguin.

And so, “Little Mac” the penguin was born. In the years since his introduction, Little Mac realized he needed the help of his parents, Mighty Mac and Virginia Mac, to represent the company. Today, The Mac Pack, our penguin family, serves as VAMAC’s mascots little-mac

Now, we realize this may sound odd to most people. Frequently asked questions include:

“Why did VAMAC choose the Emperor Penguin?”
“What do Penguins have to do with a plumbing, well and septic wholesale distributor?”
“Why does VAMAC have a mascot at all? Their competitors don’t.”

Here is our answer.

mac-pack Although not widely known, Emperor Penguins are extremely family-oriented and family-dependent animals. They not only rely on each other for food and protection, but they rely on each other to survive. Each penguin has a specific task, essential to survival of the whole family. VAMAC is the same in this way. We are a family-run and family-oriented company. Our family atmosphere is essential to our culture and our survival. Everyone on our team has assigned tasks, and backs each other up, which is vital to the growth and prosperity of the VAMAC Family.

The VAMAC Family includes more than just our associates. Our family includes our manufacturers, our associates, and most importantly, our customers. Without everyone in our family, we would not be the company we are today.

So, even though The Mac Pack is not directly connected to the types of products we carry, and none of our competitors have mascots, we believe that Emperor Penguins are a perfect fit for VAMAC. We are a family business, and Mighty Mac, Virginia Mac and Little Mac are a part of what makes us “The Family Advantage.” We welcome you to the VAMAC Family.


 Our 100th Anniversary Photo of the "VAMAC Business  Family"